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In Latin «Pontis» means «Bridge».
We construct Bridges for our Clients in order to create more opportunities for them
and as a result make their business more effective and successful.



We constantly expand the range of our services and possibilities. Our expertise keeps growing, as well as an experience and opportunities.

Service 24/7

Modern World has no limits. The process of Globalization steadily fixed in all areas of our life. Despite of the remoteness of the Partners, we always have only one time zone. Your aims are our priority!


Strong experience and existing connections makes the working process prompt and flexible. We are ready for the complicated tasks! Logistics and customs clearance will become easier and more effective with our assistance.

Individual approach

We provide complex solutions for Your Buisness. Would you like to develop the import to the Customs Union? Would you like to develop the export to the European Union/any other region? Prompt and brief marketing research? All this we can do for you together with the hi-level of Service.

Key Partners