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Consulting in the international activity

A successful Importing Company should constantly watch after the Market of the logistics services, Norms and Regulations issued by different state authorities, and monitor the competitors. This is the complex task which requires an experience in various areas. We offer the Consulting service as an alternative to the high number of the employees who manage these tasks.
This includes:

  • the analysis of the Market, competitors,
  • audit of the purchasing activity,
  • create successful logistics schemes,
  • and will become your integrated full time purchasing department
  • with an experience in the customs clearance procedures.
  • Our team will make your working process easy, imperceptible and, at the same time, very effective.

    Representative offices of the foreign manufacturers

    We are proud to say that our clients are located not only in the Customs Union, but also in the European Union. We stand for the interests of our Clients, provide negotiations on behalf of our Clients, develop the interest and recognition of the brand and the product.
    Today we are happy to introduce you the manufacturers of the animal proteins and professional equipment for the cleaning industry.

    Belgium is famous not only for the chocolate and mussels, but also for the hi-tech production.

    Veos nv were founded in 1970’s and still acts as a family owned company. In the beginning the factory produced only porcine blood proteins, developing their production process year by year.

    And since 2010 the production strategy expanded seriously and included the new division – collagen protein production.

    Today Veos nv is a worldwide Group of Companies which includes the factories in Belgium, France, Brazil and Uruguay. Our products are known in 70 countries, on 6 continents. Headquarter is located in Belgium in 20min away from the old and very beautiful city Brugge. That is why the production process and Veos team reflects the mentality of this region and its high inner responsibility and wisdom. We would like to pay your attention that Belgian factory produces a food grade products and works only with porcine raw material. That is why our proteins are 100% quality and has no traces of ruminants.

    Our team is proud to offer a few types of food grade proteins: blood and collagen. These products are produced in one place what gives more advantages: higher range of products, more solutions for the meat processing factories, optimization of the logistics and finances.

    Pontis Ltd is an official representative of Veos nv in the Customs Union. We are very proud with this status and appreciate it very much.

    Range of the products:

  • Vepro 70 COL P natural colourant;
  • Vepro 75 PSC plasma powder;
  • Vepro 95 HV globin powder – unique product, patented technology;
  • Vepro 95 PHF haemoglobin powder;
  • Vepro Gel 100 PC porcine collagen protein;
  • Vepro Gel 95 PCP i porcine collagen protein.
  • We will be happy to send you more information and technical details in response to your inquiries by or by phone: +7 (812) 932 14 48. To know more about the Company:

    Dynamically developing production which is located close to Barcelona is happy to offer you a high range of the functional porcine and beef proteins made from skin and trimming.

    The factory was started up in the beginning of 1990s and includes today two productions with the hi-tech equipment. In the aggregate with the experienced team this allows to produce one of the best product in the World.

    Pontis Ltd is an official representative of the Royal Protein SL in the Customs Union.

    Список предлагаемой продукции:

    We may offer you different solutions for every task and every budget:
    Porcine collagen:
  • CC400 – porcine skin powder, good for emulsion;
  • CCi200 – porcine skin powder, good for injection;
  • LC85 – low collagen animal protein, good for emulsion;
  • LC300 – low collagen animal protein for emulsion, produced from pork trimming. In fact this is the dry raw meat in powder;
  • LCi80 – low collagen animal protein for injection;
  • PG80 – dry pork granules made from pork trimming. In fact this is the dry raw meat in granules.
  • Beef collagen:
  • BTP80 – beef trimming powder;
  • BCF90 – beef fiber.
  • We will be happy to send you more information and technical details in response to your inquiries by email: or by phone: +7 (812) 932 14 48. To know more about the Company:

    This is an Italian family owned company. The production was started up in 1950s and was based on the maintenance of the reconstruction of the water pools. The company gradually expanded and took a major part of the local HoReCa Market.

    Today Vama Srl not only maintenance, but also produces a wide range of products for the professional cleaning area.

    Among of our products you may find all what is necessary for your hotel, restaurant, office and etc. We may supply you starting from mini safe to hi-tech jet hand dryers.

    Big area of the production and warehouse which is located close to Milan allows producing the product promptly and making the deliveries in time.

    On our stock in Russia you may find only the jet hand dryers with elegant Italian design and European quality, it is 100% Italian product.

    The product will not only work well for you, but will give you a bit more than you expect:
  • thanks to the build in water tank for collecting the water, the area around will be clean and dry;
  • the drying of the hands occurs in 10-12 seconds what is very important for people in big malls, offices, productions and etc.;
  • elegant design and 2 colour schemes will perfectly suits to any interior.
  • Pontis Ltd is an official representative of Vama Srl on the territory of the Russian Federation.

    We will be happy to send you more information and technical details in response to your inquiries by email: or by phone: +7 (812) 932 14 48. To know more about the Company:

    Import & Export

    Pontis Ltd is acting in the international sphere since 2012. We import the product from our foreign partners as a representative office.

    If you need the product, but have no time/possibilities for preparation of the purchasing process, we will find it for you and will arrange a delivery on “Door”-“Door” basis. As a representative of our Clients, we are interested in growth of their sales.

    The import products are certified by the State Authorities, we have all necessary papers for import (products of the Spanish company RP Royal Distribution SL should be discussed separately).

    Effective logistics schemes, preliminary preparation to the customs clearance allows us to deliver the product to your point in short terms and under the competitive prices and basis. However, in terms of the Consulting Service, our company may find and delivery the product for you under your exclusive requirements.

    We also are very interested in development of the “National Manufacturer” and in foreign Markets for the Russian products. Today we offer to our international Partners the following vegetable products:

  • vital wheat gluten food and feed grade;
  • textured soy flour of the different size, shape and colour;
  • textured wheat flour of the different size, shape and colour;
  • breadings (breadcrumbs).
  • All products are Russian origin and made only from the Russian raw material.

    We will be happy to send you more information and technical details in response to your inquiries by e-mail: or by phone: +7(812)932 14 48.