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Complete feeds for carnivorous fish

Complete feeds for carnivorous fish

Starting from 2012, one of the main goals of "Pontis" was to provide local companies the latest technological approaches and product solutions to improve efficiency and competitiveness. Our team is a link between foreign and domestic partners, without forgetting the simplicity and transparency of business processes.



n the recent years aquaculture has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the Russian market. In the coming years, experts and market participants predict an increase of the production volumes in several times. The company "Pontis" contributes to this by bringing to the domestic market the world leaders in the production of feed. This area is a very important component of fish farming, especially for carnivorous fish species.

A balanced and proper nutrition is one of the keys to success in this business.

Currently, a team of "Pontis" in close cooperation with our foreign partners is preparing to implement a large-scale project, which involves the production of a wide range of high quality feed for the fish farms using the latest equipment that meets all modern requirements of safety and quality of production. The key to matching the final product with the highest standards of quality must become an active part of our partners in terms of compliance with technical requirements and proven European manufacturers of feed formulations.


he result of this work will be a joint production of feed for aquaculture, especially for carnivorous fish species. Finished products will be manufactured under license and under the control of foreign leaders in this industry.

Foods produced as a result of this project, will be able to replace the best samples of feed, currently being imported from the EU. Localization of production will reduce the cost to local producers of fish, thereby helping to improve the efficiency of the industry.  

Complete feeds

Name Pellet size (mm) Protein (%) Fat (%) Digestible energy (MJ)
PF Start 0 0,2-0,6 60 104282 kcal/ 17,9 MJ
PF Start 1 0,6-1,0 58 124392 kcal/ 18,4 MJ
PF Start 145 1,45 54 184474 kcal/ 18,7 MJ
PF Start 165 1,65 52 183799 kcal/15,9 MJ
PF Basic 2 2 48 204285 kcal/ 17,9 MJ
PF Basic 3,5/5,0/7,0/9,0 40 244146 kcal/ 17,3 MJ
PF Extra plus 3,5/5,0/7,0/9,0 42 285485 kcal/ 22,9 MJ
PF Extra 2 2 45 244654 kcal/ 17,3 MJ
PF Extra 3,5/5,0/7,0/9,0 45 254349 kcal/ 18,2 MJ
PF Special 3,5/5,0/7,0/9,0 40 294688 kcal/ 19,6 MJ




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